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The last dozen…or so…

I have a notorious habit of leaving things to the last minute, so no surprises that I left almost half of the items on the list until the last three days of November. I’m pretty sure that others I know were doing exactly the same, looking at their Flickr accounts. “Sunday Morning” – To be […]

All isn’t lost yet

I still have 72 more hours for the 26 Things Scavenger Hunt for November. I’ve managed to knock a few more off the list in the last week or so but still have a scary number to go. “Curve” – I was given a few frangipani cuttings when we moved here and I wasn’t really […]


Another day, another item off the scavenger hunt list. I was trying to find a more interesting ceiling, pity I don’t live anywhere near an old church with a fresco or something. As it happens, my work Christmas party is next Saturday and I have been ordered to make the place look festive. Yeah bah […]


Taken in celebration of the reclaiming of the bathtub! For the last year since we moved in here, I have had to share the main bathroom with the kittehs’ toilet. It somehow takes the relaxing vibe away from a nice soak in the tub when the atmosphere is accompanied by the furious scratching in the […]


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