Finished and fully operational

I thought I’d post a few photos showing the cats house now that it is all up and running (so to speak). The last photo didn’t quite do it justice – the ledges weren’t in, we hadn’t finished staining it and it wasn’t connected to the house. The glazier came last week and after a whole 30 minutes, we had the flap installed and all we had left was to connect the tunnel linking both houses. It was a bit of a fiddly job but thankfully that sandstone retaining wall gave us something to support the tunnel on while we were attaching it.

The absolutely brilliant thing about this set up is that it is easily demountable. The last cat enclosure we had was fantastic for them but when it came time to move house, removing it was an utterly painstaking process because the new owners didn’t have cats and had no need for it. When we took it down, we discovered that parts of it had rusted out which is why we ended up going with this kind of structure. With this one, it isn’t really connected to our house and should we decide to move, all we need to disassemble is to take out the bolts holding it together.

Finished product

The cats are enjoying their new space outside, particularly when we’re outside pottering about. They can watch the birds, bask in the sun and jump around on the platforms that are up. Their litter tray is out there as well so they can go to the toilet in peace….or should I say, I can have a bath in peace without the accompanying noise of cat scratching around in hooded tray. ;)

one way only Weatherproof nookInside the cats house He's still got it!

There are still more things we’d like to do to make it a really fun place for them to be – more lounging spots, a few platforms lower down for Rosie so that she can get to the upper perches and maybe a swinging hammock that hangs from the ceiling. Even though it took several months, a painful freighting process and a few injuries along the way, I’m glad we decided to get this one. I’m sure the moggies are glad too. :lol:

6 Responses to “Finished and fully operational”

  1. 1

    It’s great Stormy the moggies look like they’re really enjoying it..I love the little toilet area.

  2. 2

    It is awesome! Can I hire you to come make one at my place?

  3. 3

    Well J was saying that he wanted to start a franchise in a few years…perhaps he’s missed his true calling as a cat house/cubby house assembly man. :lol:

  4. 4

    Looks fantastic:)

  5. 5

    holy crap, your kittehs are so damn lucky. can my boys come to visit? ;)

  6. 6

    Yes I hope my kittehs realise just how lucky they are. Not sure they will share it and play nicely though. :P

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