Goodbye 2010, hello 2011

I fully intended to have a crack at the “Day in the Life” photography project. But I kind of forgot that it was an hourly photo thing….whoops! New Years Eve is generally a pretty quiet time for us, most other years we have just opted for take out dinner at home and a few DVDs. At the last minute, I decided that maybe it would be cool to go and watch the fireworks somewhere. They even had 8pm or 9pm shows on for people like me who prefer to have an early night. That’s doable right?

I hate crowds so anywhere in the city wasn’t going to be in the running. And Surfers Paradise is pretty notorious for crowds going wild and cops having to go in for crowd control. So instead we decided to go to one of the “community” fireworks shows armed with a box of pizza and a bottle of fizzy stuff. We found the park where the fireworks were going to be set off only to find that a heap of other people had the same idea. Meh.

Then we remembered that there was a nice grassy park on the other side of the river which looked fairly abandoned so we decided to head there instead. A couple of other people had the same idea but still not remotely crowded. Pizza pretty soon got polished off and we sat and waited for the crackers to go off.

New Years Eve fireworks

I was fairly under-whelmed by the whole experience. Perhaps it was just because it was the 9pm show but it just wasn’t that spectacular….consequently we headed home not long afterwards and didn’t bother hanging around for the midnight showing. Cue some movies and falling asleep on the couch, waking up just before midnight to hear the neighbours (who had actually stayed awake long enough) yelling out Happy New Year.

Pain au chocolat

I know you’re meant to start a year how you mean to finish it, so of course there was croissants and pain au chocolat for breakfast. No I didn’t make them. Why would anyone make their own when they’re freely available from any bakery? Heated up the oven and kept them in there long enough for the chocolate to go just that little bit gooey. Noice!

The rest of the day was pretty much a lazy one….rained plenty so not much to be said for it. I’m all for having a forced rest due to inclement weather but after a few weeks of rain already, it does get a little bit old. The boys were happy because they got about 10 minutes of RC Chopper flying in before the rain set back in. I played more Wii games than is generally considered healthy. And as for the cats? Meh, it was just a day like any other really with plenty of napping to be had. :lol:

New Years Day Brief break in the rain Sleeping in

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